Average Settlement For A Hit and Run Car Accident In California

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Hit-and run car accidents seem to be increasing in the last few years in the country and specifically in California. Fault drivers mostly flee because they don’t want to face huge financial costs for the accidents, while others are illegal drivers running away from authorities.

It’s always easy to get a settlement from a driver willing to corporate and has remained at the accident scene. However, things seem to take a new direction in a hit-and-run car accident. In such a case, you’ve to liaise with your insurance to determine how much you need to be compensated.

What is the Average Settlement for Hit-and-Run Accidents in California?

If you’ve been involved in a hit-and-run accident in California, you probably wonder how much you should be compensated. There’s no argument that accident victims seek financial compensation to address some medical expenses after an accident.

According to the current data, most hit-and-run cases have settlements between $14,000 and $28,000.

However, every accident case is unique, and there’s no magic number to what you can get. Therefore, it’s essential to get assistance from a car accident attorney to determine the actual settlement you should get.

What You Should Know About Hit-and-Run Settlements

Here are some fundamental aspects that you need to understand to get the necessary compensation for the accident and damages suffered:

1. Get Uninsured Coverage

In a hit-and-run car accident, you’re might not be dealing with a driver or their insurance company. Therefore, the compensation you’ll be getting is from your insurance company. Consequently, you should have uninsured coverage to be legible for payment and settlement. Accident victims who don’t have this policy will struggle to get their deserved compensation.

However, the uninsured motorist policy is considered optional in most of the states in the country. For example, this insurance policy is not considered a necessity in California. However, it’s clear that you need this policy to get compensated for hit-and-run accidents.

2. Avoid Low Deals from Insurance Companies

After a hit-and-run accident, your insurance company will contact you immediately with the motive of offering a low deal. The company will want to settle the matter even before it’s clear how much damage you’ve suffered.

Naturally, the insurance company will offer you way below your deserved compensation. Specifically, the insurance company will cater to the medical expenses while providing a few extra hundred dollars for car repair.

The issue with accepting such an offer is that you’ll suffer in the future, especially when injuries are substantial. In addition, taking the insurance offer means you will not claim future medical support or any other form of compensation because you’ve already signed the release clause.

What Factors Affect Settlement Value?

Multiple factors determine the actual value you’ll be getting from your insurance company. With the help of a reputable car accident lawyer, it will be easier to analyze these factors and agree on the highest compensation possible.

1. Cost of Medical Treatment

In any car accident, the cost of medical treatment will be the highest expense you’ll face. Therefore, you need to clearly understand your current and future medical expenses before agreeing on compensation. Remember, you need to get a professional assessment of your current and future medical costs from a medical professional and submit signed medical documents to your insurance company.

2. Cost of Property Damage

This is the actual cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle. The cost of repairing and replacing parts varies, so you’ve to get the authentic assessment from a professional auto shop and submit it to your insurance company for compensation.

3. Lost Wages and Living Expenses

Being involved in an accident has some severe implications for your physical health. You’ll not be able to resume your job due to incapacitation. The settlement you’ll get must comprise sufficient funds to cater to your living expenses for the foreseeable future.

4. Damages from Pain and Suffering

If you get assistance from a specialized car accident attorney, you stand a chance of being compensated for emotional, physical, and psychological pain and suffering. Such aspects help you to recover compensation that addresses this life-altering experience.

Get Assistance from an Experienced Hit-and-Run Car Accident Attorney in California

Do you need assistance in a hit-and-run car accident in California? Experienced car accident attorneys at Attorney Jeff Injury Lawyers focus on reviewing your case and representing you in the entire claim process.

From the above analysis, it’s clear there are some technical aspects that you might not understand. Therefore, you’ll need the assistance of an experienced legal expert who can understand the technical aspects and provide a solution at each stage.

Also, insurance companies are out there to offer you a low deal that is not consistent with your medical expenses or other essential aspects that you need compensation for. At AttorneyJeff Injury Lawyers, you’ll get professional representation and secure the highest reward possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a hit-and-run accident in California?

In a hit-and-run accident, one of the drivers (the at-fault driver) runs from the accident scene without stopping or taking the legally required procedure like sharing personal information or calling the police.

Can I get compensated as a hit and run accident victim?

You have multiple settlement options for a hit-and-run accident, such as tracking at-fault drivers, submitting claims to your insurance company, and seeking a settlement from parties that contributed to the accident.

How much does a hit-and-run accident attorney cost?

An experienced accident lawyer understands your financial strain after an accident. They’re willing to offer free case consultation and affordable legal fees after winning the case.

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