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Who’s Liable in an Accident With a Company Vehicle?

You just got involved in a car crash, and the at-fault driver was driving a company vehicle or their work …

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Dash Cam Footage in California Car Accidents

In the past, dashboard cameras were synonymous with law enforcement officers. Nonetheless, more motorists are installing dash cams in their …

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Does Not Wearing a Seatbelt Affect Accident Claims in California?

A majority of California drivers wear seat belts, but thousands of drivers on the road every day do not. Failure …

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How Long Will Car Accidents Remain On Your Insurance in CA?

Many factors influence the cost of your auto insurance premiums. Insurance companies consider your car’s make and model, your age, …

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What Are Punitive Damages?

Some accident victims in California may recover punitive damages depending on various factors affecting their personal injury cases. If you …

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California Car Seat Laws

California’s traffic safety laws are put to the test with tens of thousands on the roads every day.  When driving, …

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How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated In A Personal Injury Case

If you sustained an injury due to someone else’s negligence, you might be entitled to compensation for your losses. There …

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Average Settlement For A Hit and Run Car Accident In California

Hit-and run car accidents seem to be increasing in the last few years in the country and specifically in California. …

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What Are Compensatory Damages In California Personal Injury Cases?

An accident can lead to serious harm or injury to the victim. Apart from physical and mental harm to the …

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How To Respond To A Low Settlement Offer

Being involved in an accident that leads to a significant injury can be devastating. Apart from the physical and mental …

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