How to File an Uber Accident Claim in California

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Most people book an Uber ride in Southern California cities because they expect the ride to be smooth and uneventful. Although this is usually the case, sometimes Ubers get involved in accidents, putting passengers at risk of serious injuries.

Equally, a negligent Uber driver may hit you while you’re driving your vehicle, taking a walk, or even riding your bike.

These accidents do happen in California and the entire ordeal can be confusing and stressful. It’s vital to learn the protocol for filing an Uber accident claim.

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What to Do If You Get Involved in an Uber Accident

When involved in a California accident with Uber, it is vital to know the steps to take following the incident. Whether you are a passenger, pedestrian, or operating a separate vehicle, follow these steps below:

Remain calm

Staying calm after an accident can seem rather difficult, especially when you have sustained injuries. However, taking a few breaths will help you figure out what to do next. You do not want to panic and end up causing further damage or injuries. Move on to the next steps after you feel a bit calm and composed.

Inspect for injuries

Check whether you or anyone else involved in the accident has sustained severe injuries. You need to seek medical attention immediately if there are any serious injuries. However, do not hesitate to seek medical attention even if you have suffered no or minor injuries. Your health needs to be your number one priority at this time.

File an accident report

File a police report even if nobody has been severely injured in the Uber accident. According to California law, you are obligated to report an accident when property damage exceeds $750 or if someone is injured. However, ensure you file a police report whenever you are involved in an accident because it provides documentation.

Get relevant information

You need all the relevant parties’ information before you leave the accident scene. Ensure you write down the Uber driver’s name, the model and make of the vehicle, the Uber driver’s insurance information, and their license number. It will also help to document the contact information of all witnesses of the accident.

Report to Uber and your insurance

Ensure you contact your insurance company and Uber to report the accident as soon as possible. Uber has an incident submission website, a hotline and an email address to send details of an accident. Ideally, you need to make the report within 24 hours after the accident if you are able.

Turn down premature settlement offers

Most people are mentally foggy and emotionally distraught after a severe Uber accident. In such cases, the opposing party might take advantage of this situation to present you with a lowball offer. It will be almost impossible to back out of the offer once you accept it. Therefore, ensure you don’t quickly accept the first compensation offer you get.

Damages Available in an Uber Accident

Filing an Uber accident claim ensures you get just compensation for damages. Below are legal damages that plaintiffs can demand compensation for when involved in an Uber accident:

  • Property damage
  • Medical expenses
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of earning capacity or wages

You – the victim of the accident – will probably recover the compensation you deserve from Uber’s insurance, or the at-fault driver and their insurance company. The California Assembly Bill 5 of January 1, 2020, instructed Uber to view its drivers as workers. Therefore, Uber’s coverage may provide the compensation you need if you are injured in a covered accident.

How Long Do Uber Accident Settlements in California Take?

You have the legal right to seek fair compensation after an Uber accident. However, it can take more than six months after the accident to get a settlement. At other times, the case might take longer than a year depending on the severity or complexity of the accident.

Your Uber accident claim may be settled quicker in case of minor injuries. The settlement process is also easier when you did not suffer significant personal property damage. Such claims may be settled in about three months.

Contact AttorneyJeff for Help With Your Rideshare Accident

Getting fair compensation after an Uber accident can be difficult because the big insurance companies are always looking to protect their interests. However, having an experienced California accident attorney at AttorneyJeff can help protect your rights and interests. We will work with you to ensure you get a reasonable settlement to cover all damages.

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Uber Accident FAQs

Can a passenger sue the Uber driver after an accident?

Yes, passengers have the right to sue an Uber driver after an accident. Doing this ensures you get compensation for damages such as lost wages, medical expenses, and property damage, but the policy you file against differs depending on whether the driver was performing work for Uber at the time of the accident.

What are the leading causes of Uber accidents?

The top causes of Uber accidents include high speed, unfamiliar roads, distracted driving, driver fatigue, and carelessness.

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