Dangers of Rollover Car Accidents

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Rollovers aren’t the most common traffic crash, but these accidents are among the most dangerous. In fact, they maintain close to thirty-five percent of all highway fatalities due to the severity of injuries.

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What is a Rollover Car Accident?

A rollover accident is a type of traffic accident that occurs when a vehicle tips over onto its roof or side. Any automobile can roll over, but it is more likely to occur with vehicles like pickup trucks or SUVs due to their higher center of gravity.

A rollover accident will fall under two categories: tripped and untripped. Here is an overview of what these two types of rollovers mean:

Tripped rollover

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 95% of single-car rollover accidents are tripped. A tripped rollover means that an external force caused the rollover to occur. In a tripped rollover scenario, the vehicle will leave the road and slide sideways. For instance, a vehicle may hit the guardrail and roll over due to the tripping force.

Untripped rollover

An untripped rollover is an accident caused by the vehicle’s own movements with the force of gravity. An example of an untripped rollover is when a top-heavy vehicle turns too fast and flips over due to the vehicle’s weight, speed, and momentum.

Contributions to Rollover Accidents

There are several factors that contribute to rollover accidents. Here are a few common causes to consider:


Excessive speeding is one of the most common causes of rollover car accidents, regardless of whether the incident involved one or more cars. When a vehicle engages in a high-speed collision, it can result in the vehicle tipping over to one side or rolling over completely. It’s possible that passengers may become stuck inside or become fully ejected from the vehicle.

Side-impact collision

A side-impact collision, especially in a multi-vehicle accident, can increase the risk of a rollover accident. These collisions can push a vehicle forcefully, causing it to turn over.

Improperly-loaded cargo

Proper cargo loading is essential to keeping a vehicle balanced. When cargo is loaded too high, it can make a car top-heavy. Loading cargo too high makes a rollover accident more likely to occur.

Drugs and alcohol

The probability of a rollover car accident increases when a driver is impaired. Impaired drivers do not have sound judgment and are more likely to engage in risky driving behavior.

Vehicle defects

Another potential cause of a rollover is a vehicle defect caused by the design or the manufacturer. Many vehicles include an electronic stability control feature that helps to prevent rollover collisions. But if this feature doesn’t work as intended or you have an older car, the risk of a rollover increases.

Tire issues

Tire failure leads to an increased risk of rollover accidents. This issue is even more prevalent in SUVs and 15-passenger vans. When a vehicle experiences tire tread separation, it is more challenging to maintain control over the car, making rollover a more likely scenario.

Common Injuries From a Rollover Car Accident

Rollover accidents lead to serious, and sometimes fatal consequences. Some injuries include:

Traumatic brain injury

Head injuries are common for victims of rollover car accidents that impact the quality of life. A traumatic brain injury may cause a person to lose their ability to focus on everyday tasks. They may even lose their short-term memory and ability to regulate their emotions.

Spinal cord injuries

A spinal cord injury can result in partial or complete paralysis. Individuals who experience this type of injury often experience a loss of organ function as well. Paralysis can alter a victim’s life by making it difficult to engage in previous activities like work and self-care.

Broken bones

A rollover accident can lead to multiple broken bones. Broken bones can lead to chronic pain for the victim and result in a loss of independence. In some cases, broken bones may require surgery to heal completely, with some people having lifelong limitations due to the incident.


If you or a loved one are a victim of a rollover car accident, you may be seeking compensation. You have the right to pursue compensation when another party was shown to be at fault. Medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering are three common categories for compensation.

1. Medical bills

Most victims will have significant medical bills after visiting the hospital for their injuries. These medical bills will increase after the initial visit to the hospital. Surgeries and procedures to treat injuries, specialist appointments, and follow-up appointments are just some of the additional expenses you may incur.

2. Loss of income

Rollover accidents typically result in long-term injuries. Unfortunately, experiencing an injury from a rollover accident is likely to take a massive hit to your income. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may be unable to come back to work. In other cases, your employer may not want you to come back until you are fully recovered.

3. Pain and suffering

Accidents are traumatic events that often cause victims a great deal of pain and suffering. For many people, a car accident as serious as a rollover affects their quality of life and alters their everyday routine.

Get Fairly Compensated for Your Rollover Car Accident

Victims of rollover car accidents are entitled to pursue compensation. You need a skilled attorney who understands California law to assist you in your recovery as you face many challenging decisions.

Attorney Jeff Fayngor is here to protect your rights and give you the peace of mind you deserve. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Car Accident Case FAQs

Can I pursue compensation if my rollover accident was caused by poor road conditions?

Yes, victims of a rollover car accident can file a personal injury claim if the accident was caused by dangerous road conditions.

How long does it take to receive compensation?

If you have a case, the time to receive compensation will vary. There are several steps involved in the process, including documentation, investigations, and insurance negotiations. Hiring an experienced lawyer who knows the process will lead to faster compensation compared to self-representation.

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