T-Bone Car Accidents: Here’s What You Should Know

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Although not as lethal as head-on accidents, T-Bone incidents can result in significant injuries. As per the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, such collisions are responsible for 23% of passenger car occupant fatalities in 2018. What is the significance of this?.

Due to the intricacy of these cases, it is critical to have a skilled personal injury lawyer who can assist you with your T-Bone accident injury dispute. Have you or your loved one been in a T-Bone accident in California? Attorney Jeff Injury Lawyers have got your back.

You may be eligible for compensation for medical fees, lost earnings, and suffering and pain if you are injured in a T-bone collision.

Liability For T-Bone Accidents in California

Who was to blame in a T-bone collision can’t be ascertained by who T-Boned whom. In a T-Bone collision, blame is determined by which automobile had the right to be driving ahead. This is referred to as the “right of way.” Both automobiles can’t have the right of way. In a T-bone collision, one car had the right of way while the other vehicle disobeyed that right.

T-bone accidents are always the responsibility of the automobile that didn’t have the right of way. The automobile that had the right of way may also have failed to recognize what the other motorist was doing. Regrettably, there is rarely any proof at the accident site to help determine which car had the right of way.

In a T-Bone collision, determining who is to blame nearly often ultimately boils down to what the motorists and eyewitnesses claim happened. The most convincing driver will win a dispute proving who was at fault.

Your California personal injury attorney will use evidence to show that the other motorist was to blame for the T-Bone collision. During this stage, one thing to keep in mind is that the other motorist’s underwriters will try to get you to make comments that would allow them to assign you more significant blame.

Can a Car with The Right of Way be at Fault?

The vehicle that had the right of way may be a fault. In a T-Bone collision, a vehicle having the right of way may be at blame in one of the following ways:

  • When a vehicle crosses multiple lanes of traffic before hitting a T-Bone
  • When they fail to turn on their headlights when it’s dark.
  • When a motorist was going too fast
  • When a motorist was distracted while listening to the radio or chatting on the phone.
  • When a motorist was inebriated or high.

Can Third Parties be at Fault in a T-Bone Accident?

When a T-Bone collision occurs, it’s not always the driver’s responsibility. A service centre, for example, might not have performed a decent job repairing one of the vehicle’s brakes. On other occasions, a service center may fail to fix a vehicle’s headlights properly. If this occurs, the service center may be to blame for what occurred.

Defective traffic control equipment could also play a significant role in a T-Bone collision. Often the lights go completely dark, and there is no communication. Drivers may not notice they are approaching a crossroad if this occurs. In this case, the traffic control mechanism and both or one of the drivers may be to blame for the accident.

It is not always the fault of either driver. When the traffic control equipment fails, T-Bone accidents can happen. It could also occur when one motorist receives a turn signal while the other driver receives a green light from a traffic control system. While these possibilities are feasible, they are extremely unlikely.

Compensations Available for T-Bone Accidents in California

You may be entitled to compensation for monetary and non-monetary damages if you are wounded in a T-bone accident.

Monetary damages are those that are intended to reimburse direct expenditures incurred as a result of the injury, such as:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Missed wages.
  • Vehicle damage.
  • Physical rehabilitation.
  • Future care expenditures and drug costs.

Economic damages are usually easy to quantify and may be calculated simply by adding up all of the present and future injury expenditures associated with the accident.

Non-monetary damages are granted to compensate an injured victim for various issues that arise as a result of a T-bone accident injury, such as:

  • Suffering and pain.
  • Mental anguish.
  • Loss of a companion.

A court will analyze how an injured victim’s life has been materially and permanently impacted by the T-Bone accident to establish the appropriate amount of non-economic compensation that should be given.

When the victim has sustained irreversible or life-changing disabilities, non-economic damages are more typically granted.

Contact Attorney Jeff Injury Lawyers to find out how they can assist you if you have any questions regarding the possible settlement for damages incurred in a T-bone accident.

Get in Touch with a California Personal Injury Attorney for Your T-Bone Accident

T-Bone crash injuries are typically severe, and T-Bone accident victims must deal with long-term pain, medical costs, missed earnings, and other financial losses.

Therefore you should get legal counsel and assistance from a qualified automobile accident injury attorney.

Attorney Jeff’s car accident injury lawyers have the knowledge and resources to resolve a T-bone car accident injury claim in California.

Contact AttorneyJeff to discuss the specifics of your situation. Our attorneys will investigate and gather all essential information to establish the other driver’s culpability. If warranted, we can even hire an accident reconstruction specialist to back up your injury claim.

Negotiating with an insurance provider is standard for most automobile accident injury claims. We are experienced negotiators who understand how to obtain a fair and acceptable agreement.

We recognize that being involved in a T-bone vehicle collision may be traumatic. Our legal team is here to assist you in obtaining financial compensation and the medical treatment you require.

If you have been wounded in a California T-Bone collision, you should contact our personal injury lawyer to learn about your options. Contact us as soon as possible to set up an appointment.


The following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding T-Bone Car Accidents:

What Type of Injury is Common with T-Bone Car Accidents?

Blunt force trauma, especially to the head and chest, is the most frequent injury connected with T-bone incidents.

How can you Reduce a T-Bone Car Accident Collision Impact?

If there is enough room, turn your car away from the striking vehicle to reduce the power of the crash.

How Prevalent are T-Bone Accidents?

Every year, nearly 8,000 people die due to T-Bone accident injuries, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

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